Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wine Shop at Home: Business Overview

This MLM opportunity sounds like a no-brainer. With Wine Shop at Home, participants make money 3 ways: by conducting wine tastings that others host, on sales resulting from the tastings, and on sales from their teams. But here’s the big plus: You are selling wine!

With so many MLM opportunities, the product can be a stretch—super water or stress-reducing medallions, but with Wine Shop at Home, the product is wine. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be easier to put together a virtual “wine shop” at a party in someone’s home than it would to sell makeup, plastic storage containers, or just about anything else.

Before we look at the products and the opportunity, let’s look at the team behind Wine Shop at Home, because they have a difference from many other MLM opportunities I’ve seen. Wine Shop at Home was founded in 1995 by John and Melissa Lynch as 1-800-Wineclub. In 2002, they began hosting wine tastings and discovered what a powerful sales tool and direct selling opportunity an in-home wine shop presented.

As you look down the list of Wine Shop at Home officers, you find no MLM experts. Most MLM opportunities I’ve seen were founded by successful MLM entrepreneurs who wanted to create an MLM business. Then they went and found a product.

Wine Shop at Home was built the other way around, and that is good for the wine consultants.

OK, let’s look at those products. Of course, Wine Shop at Home sells wine, but there’s a lot more.

There is every kind of wine you can imagine, and all are in-house brands of Wine Shop at Home. So these aren’t wines that potential customers can get at the corner store. And Wine Shop at Home also uses the wine brands to create gift baskets. Participants at tasting can join the Wine Club and get discounts. There is stemware for creating the “wine lifestyle.”

They even have private labels—you can put your name and photo on a Wine Shop at Home wine bottle.

As for the opportunity, it’s only good for people who like other people and wine. In other words, this is a good gig.

As a wine consultant for Wine Shop at Home, you get paid to stage a wine tasting in someone else’s home. For about $60, that person gets you, 6 bottles of wine and a fun evening. You can then refer orders for any of the products—club, wine, accessories—to be filled by Wine Shop at Home.

For the astute MLM observer, this means you don’t need to have a big inventory to be a Wine Shop at Home consultant. You can start with your own hosted event for as little as $99.

There are training materials included plus 3 months of Web support. Wine Shop at Home offers the usual trips and bonuses in addition to the commission on sales incentives.

You need to be aware that the sale of wine with the in-home “wine shop” is regulated differently in different states, even sometimes county to county. So there may be some local adjustments you have to make to be a Wine Shop at Home consultant.

The bottom line on Wine Shop at Home seems to be this: If you’re a social animal and like wine, it’s a great chance to earn a part-time or full-time income.