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Torchlight 2 Engineer Builds

September 26, 2012 by · 2 Comments 

Hello My TORCHLIGHT II friends,

I was introduced to Torchlight 2 from a friend after playing Diablo 3 “My First AARPG Experience”.  I got hooked on Diablo 3 but quickly got bored after Inferno.


I have to say… this game has so much more replay ability.

Again, I am new to Torchlight 2 and this is my current build that I am trying to create on my first play through.  I am scared that I may spend hours playing and might make a mistake.

Let me know if I am WAY OFF?

I am currently a level 30.  So I have already started on creating this build… PLEASE STOP ME IF I AM DOING ANYTHING WRONG!

Engineer Build on Torchlight 2

I believe the maximum skill points for Torchlight 2 Is 133?

100 Points for Leveling
33 Point for Fame

  • Flame Hammer 15 / 15
  • Seismic Slam 10 / 15
  • Onslaught 10 / 15
  • Storm Burst 10 / 15
  • Spider Mines 15 / 15
  • Gun Bot 10 /15
  • Sledgebot 15 / 15
  • Aegis of Fate 10 / 15 – Passive
  • Fire & Spark Mastery 10 / 15 - Passive
  • Charge Reconstitution 8 / 10 - Passive
  • Overload 10 / 15 - Passive
  • Bulwark 10 / 15 - Passive

My Engineer Skill Point.

This is my goal hoping I don’t make any mistakes.

  • Strength 270
  • Dexterity 85
  • Focus 30
  • Vitality 150

I give my pet only the summoning spells so I can have constant reinforcements
Good Idea or Bad?

My Torchlight 2 Engineer Controls Set Up

Is there an easier way or am I right on the money?
This feels good but I am always open to other set-ups.

  • Left Click: Standard Attack
  • Right Click: Flame Hammer
  • Mouse Scroll Down: Spider Mines
  • Mouse Scroll Up: Gun Bot
  • Mouse Side Button 1: Seismic Slam
  • Mouse Side Button 2: Storm Burst
  • Mouse Scroll Button: Sledgebot
  • Number 1: Healing
  • Number 2: Mana
  • z:  Change Weapon Set
  • s: Onslaught

Here are my results from this build!

Video Coming Soon

I have been using this build and it is great.

When I reach a mob I simply:

  • Seismic Slam - Mouse Button 1
  • Standard attack to charge  - Left Click
  • Flame Hammer  - Right Click
  • Storm Burst “Only To Escape If I Am Losing Health”  - Mouse Button 2

Then repeat…

Before attacking a mob I drop 6 spider mines, my gunbot.  I summon my Sledgebot once my mines and gunbot are destroyed.   I completed the game without dying and normally destroyed ELITE mobs in a matter of secs. – Will show a video soon.

I would love to get some comments… maybe you can share your engineer build.

Thanks Again,

  • Steam Gamertag: Rybo101
  • Runic Username: RyanNelson

Feel free to add me so we can play Torchlight II online.

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2 Responses to “Torchlight 2 Engineer Builds”
  1. Paul says:

    Looks pretty good if you are going for DPS. May want to look at some more defensive skills if you are planning on soloing hardcore. If not your probably fine.

  2. Lynn says:

    How in the world did you get all those points in your skills and also your character?
    I am level 50 and don’t have anything close to what you ousay you have.
    Did you use a cheat?

    Must have….

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